Group Fitness

Fitness Classes are great for anyone who may not be interested in traditional karate but still want to benefit physically from martial art based training. Whether it’s for weight loss, toning, strength, overall fitness or boxing and martial art technique, we can create a fitness program to help people get the results they want.

*Fitness classes are suitable for 14yrs and over

Using gloves, focus pads and heavy bags this class combines boxing combinations with a focus on correct form and technique while still delivering a challenging workout. Kickboxing, cardio and core strength and stability are also incorporated into the sessions.

HIIT Circuit

This class is set up into 1 minute stations focussing on all major body parts for increased weight loss, toning, strength and overall improvement in health and well-being. Weights and other equipment is used so each person can work at their own fitness level.


We offer specialty training in traditional Karate, X-tend Barre, stretch, fit ball and self-defence with experienced, knowledgeable and top class instructors.


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